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Save Facebook Videos

Your link should look like this:

The best way to download Facebook videos is to replace "facebook" with "getmyfb" in your browser


Simply replace "facebook" with "getmyfb" in URL which contains your desired video! This is the easiest way!

Please, make sure that:

  • you are located on the webpage, which contains a video
  • see an example below

This is how it was:

Correct URL for downloading:

Download Facebook videos online

Now you can download videos from Facebook online without registration or authorization! All you need is a browser. Facebook is the most popular network for communication in the world. People use FB through various mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). During several years Facebook was one of the most downloaded apps in the AppStore and Google Play store. Almost every owner of the iPhone or Android device has this app installed. After all, everyone has some friends to chat with!

Despite all the advantages, the app does not allow to save videos, which are hosted on FB. It is a big problem to find a video when some time passed and it is lost among new posts! Additionaly, it can be deleted by the owner and there won't be any chance to find it. The solution is to save the most interesting Facebook videos and keep them on the phone or PC. A lot of people are interested and ask such questions: "How to save photos and videos from FB?". It's understandable - an app is not always convenient to use. Our website offers you such opportunity: you can save any number of videos.

If you want to save some videos, you need to copy the link of the post and paste it of the main page of our website. Then click the "Download" button. Everything is very simple! Thanks!